Today’s price of Ruthenium is $14.89 per gram.

Please note that the price presented is the retail price for private investors and is aligned with industry retail pricing. For bulk purchases, whether industry or investment, please contact us directly for a quotation.

Table: Ruthenium Historical Prices and Price Changes

DateRuthenium PriceChange % to TodayAnnual Change %
Jul 08 2024$14.89 / g
Jan 1 2024$16.20 / g–8.05%
Jan 1 2023$19.22 / g–22.53%-15.71%
Jan 1 2022$20.28 / g–26.58%-5.32%
Jan 1 2021$10.41 / g+43.12%+94.81%
Jan 1 2020$8.82 / g+68.88%+18.03%
Jan 1 2019$9.88 / g+50.78%-10.73%
Jan 1 2018$7.05 / g+111.10%+40.14%

Ruthenium Historical Price Movement

At the cost of ruthenium today, $14.89 per gram, the annual change so far is –8.05%. Compared to its price on January 1st 2023, $19.22 per gram, the change is –22.53%. The price increase since January 2020 ($8.82 / g) is currently +68.88%. If we go back to January 1st 2018, when ruthenium was priced even lower at $7.05 per g, then the increase is as high as +111.10%.


Ruthenium, a member of the platinum group of metals, is a rare, silvery-white, hard, and brittle metal. It has the chemical element symbol Ru and atomic number 44. Its unique properties make it an essential component in various industries, from electronics to catalysis. To better understand how much we can expect to spend on ruthenium in the future, it helps to understand the uses of this strategic precious metal and who produces it (click here to jump to the ruthenium forecast).

Ruthenium Uses


Ruthenium’s diverse applications stem from its exceptional properties. In the electronics industry, ruthenium is used as a hardening agent for platinum and palladium, making these metals more durable and wear-resistant.

Its high melting point and excellent conductivity make it a preferred choice for electrical contacts and thin-film resistors. Its use as a coating for hard disks or to reduce the size of integrated circuits means ruthenium is present in almost all data centers.

In the realm of catalysis, ruthenium also plays a pivotal role. It serves as a catalyst in various chemical reactions, including the production of ammonia and acetic acid. Its efficiency in promoting specific reactions has made it indispensable in the chemical industry.

The medical field also benefits from ruthenium. Its compounds are being explored for potential use in cancer treatments, specifically in photodynamic therapy. Additionally, ruthenium’s corrosion-resistant properties make it ideal for certain types of medical implants.

Furthermore, ruthenium finds its place in the emerging field of renewable energy. It is used in dye-sensitized solar cells, which are considered a promising alternative to conventional silicon solar cells. With the global push towards sustainable energy solutions, ruthenium’s role in this sector is bound to grow.

Where is Ruthenium Produced?

Ruthenium is primarily obtained as a by-product of platinum and nickel mining. Most of the world’s ruthenium production comes from South Africa, followed by Russia. With their rich mineral reserves, these countries play a crucial role in determining the global availability and, consequently, the price of ruthenium.

Given the rarity of ruthenium and its increasing demand, recycling, and efficient extraction methods are becoming more critical. The strategic importance of ruthenium is evident from its inclusion in various national lists of critical raw materials.

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What Determines the Price of Ruthenium?

Its supply and demand dynamics influence the price of ruthenium. The electronics, chemical, and renewable energy sectors play a significant role on the demand side. As technology advances and the push for sustainable solutions intensifies, the demand for ruthenium rises.

On the supply side, challenges in mining, geopolitical tensions, and environmental concerns can impact the availability of ruthenium. Disruptions in major producing regions can lead to significant price volatility, making the ruthenium market susceptible to external factors.

Ruthenium Price Forecast

Its unique properties and diverse applications across industries ensure a steady demand pipeline. However, with the increasing global emphasis on sustainable energy and advanced technologies, the demand for ruthenium will grow faster than before.

As the world continues to transition towards cleaner energy sources, ruthenium’s role in solar energy and other green technologies becomes even more pronounced. Its potential applications in next-generation electronics, such as quantum computing and advanced memory storage, further highlight its importance in the future tech landscape.

Ruthenium’s supply side presents uncertainties. Challenges in extraction and geopolitical tensions in major producing regions have already led to supply disruptions.

Given the limited production and increasing demand, ruthenium prices are expected to remain bullish in the medium to long term.

As industries recognize the strategic importance of ruthenium, there may be increased investments in research and development to find alternative sources or more efficient extraction methods. This could lead to innovations in the mining sector, potentially stabilizing the supply chain and influencing price dynamics. The interplay between technological advancements and supply constraints will be pivotal in shaping ruthenium’s market trajectory in the coming years.

How to Sell Ruthenium

When selling physical ruthenium, ensuring its purity is of utmost importance. It’s advisable to get the metal assayed before selling. Industry buyers will only buy ruthenium from reputable suppliers who can provide full chain of custody and purity reports.

In case you purchase and store your ruthenium with us, the process of liquidating your assets is streamlined and efficient. Our commitment to transparency, comprehensive documentation, and strong industry connections ensure your investments are in safe hands and poised to yield optimal returns when the time comes to sell.

How to Buy Ruthenium

For those interested in investing in ruthenium, several options are available. Physical ruthenium can be purchased from various sources, including eBay and Alibaba. Ensuring the authenticity and purity of the metal is crucial, though. In the world of strategic precious metals, trust and reliability are paramount.

By choosing a certified industry supplier like ourselves, you’re not just buying ruthenium but investing in a metal of guaranteed purity, adhering to the highest industry standards.

Apart from physical ruthenium, investors can also explore futures contracts.


All prices on this page last updated Jul 08 2024.