Strategic Metals vs
Stock & Gold

When it comes to investing, traditional assets like stocks, bonds, and gold have long been the staples. But as the investment landscape evolves, strategic metals have emerged as a compelling alternative.

Below, we compare the performance of the 9 strategic metals we offer to private clients against 10 of the world’s major stock indices and gold. The fact that an evenly mixed basket of the 9 metals, and most metals individually, outperform stocks and gold underlines why diversifying into strategic metals might be a smart move for your investment portfolio too.

Last updated  Feb 28 2024

Strategic Metals Performance since 2020

Metal1 Jan 2020Feb 28 2024Change %
Gallium$298.20 / kg$765.30 / kg+156.64%
Germanium$2,045.09 / kg$2,856.30 / kg+39.67%
Hafnium$1,565.76 / kg$4,478.80 / kg+186.05%
Indium$315.11 / kg$559.40 / kg+77.53%
Terbium$668.01 / kg$1,530.60 / kg+129.13%
Dysprosium$345.24 / kg$432.80 / kg+25.36%
Neodymium$65.00 / kg$100.30 / kg+54.31%
Praseodymium$72.77 / kg$102.40 / kg+40.72%
Rhenium$1,711.50 / kg$2,001.30 / kg+16.93%


Stocks & Gold Performance since 2020

1 Jan 2020Feb 26 2024Change %
S&P 5003,257.855,069.53+55.61%
Dow Jones28,868.8039,069.23+35.33%
Russel 20001,666.772,028.97+21.73%
FTSE 1007,604.307,684.30+1.05%
CAC 406,041.507,929.82+31.26%
STOXX Europe 600419.72495.43+18.04%
EURO STOXX 503,793.244,864.29+28.24%