The current price of Iridium is $166.25 per gram.

Please note that the price provided above is the retail price for private investors and is aligned with industry retail pricing. For bulk iridium purchases, whether investment or industry, please contact us directly for a quotation.

Table: Hafnium Historical Prices and Price Changes

DateIridium PriceChange % to TodayAnnual Change %
Jul 08 2024$166.25 / g
Jan 1 2024$185.85 / g–10.54%
Jan 1 2023$183.42 / g–9.36%+1.32%
Jan 1 2022$146.39 / g+13.57%+25.30%
Jan 1 2021$107.59 / g+54.53%+36.06%
Jan 1 2020$52.91 / g+214.21%+103.35%
Jan 1 2019$51.85 / g+220.63%+2.04%
Jan 1 2018$34.39 / g+383.40%+50.77%

Iridium Historical Price Movement

At today’s price of $166.25 per gram, iridium has changed –10.54% so far this year. Since Jan 1st 2022 ( $146.39 per gram), it has gained +13.57%, and compared to its price of $52.91 per gram on Jan 1st 2020, iridium has increased a massive +214.21% today. If we go back further to Jan 1st 2018, when the cost of iridium was $34.39 per gram, then this strategic precious metal is up +383.40%.

To gain a better understanding of iridium’s potential future price, let’s explore its various applications and where the production comes from (click here to jump to the forecast).

Iridium is one of the rarest metals in the world, alongside osmium and rhodium. Characterized by its dense, brittle, and highly corrosion-resistant nature and silvery-glossy appearance, it belongs to the platinum group of metals. The chemical element symbol Ir and atomic number 77 identify this metal.

Iridium Uses


The applications of iridium are diverse, reflecting its unique properties. Due to its exceptional heat resistance, it finds application in making spark plugs and other high-temperature devices in the electronics industry. Its resistance to corrosion makes it a preferred choice for equipment exposed to harsh environments.

In the realm of medical technology, iridium is crucial for crafting surgical instruments, including stents. Iridium-192, a radioactive isotope, is also employed in brachytherapy, a form of internal radiation for cancer treatment.

The aerospace sector also benefits from iridium, using it for making crucibles and other equipment that can withstand extreme temperatures. Its high melting point makes it ideal for this purpose.

Surprisingly, over 20% of the global iridium consumption is attributed to the chlor-alkali process, essential for producing chlorine, which subsequently is vital for PVC material production.

Furthermore, iridium plays a pivotal role in several emerging technologies. For instance, it’s a key component in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). The metal’s significance is also evident in the production of PEM electrolyzers, devices crucial for generating “green hydrogen.” In this context, iridium, in conjunction with platinum, is employed to coat the necessary catalysts.

Where is Iridium Produced?

Iridium occurs in such minute quantities that it doesn’t form deposits. Instead, it’s obtained as a by-product in platinum mining, which is intrinsically linked to the extraction of other metals like copper, iron, nickel, tin, and lead.

The global production of iridium is relatively limited, with an annual output hovering around 7 tons (i.e., about one truckload). The lion’s share of this production originates from mines in South Africa. Russia and Canada also have some notable deposits, while smaller reserves are found in the US (Alaska), Brazil, and Australia.

What Factors Determine the Price of Iridium?

Its supply and demand dynamics influence the pricing of iridium. The growing demand in the aerospace, electronics, and medical sectors drives its price. Additionally, the rarity of the metal and the challenges in mining it add to its value.

Supply disruptions, geopolitical tensions, and mining challenges in major producing regions can lead to price volatility. As with platinum, the iridium market is also susceptible to external shocks, making it essential for investors to stay informed.

Iridium Price Forecast

A myriad of factors influence the future trajectory of iridium prices.

The increasing applications of iridium in various industries and burgeoning demand in sectors like aerospace, medical technology, and electronics signifies a robust demand pipeline. The role of iridium in future technologies, especially those related to sustainable energy solutions like green hydrogen production, further cements its importance and is bound to exert upward pressure on its price.

However, the supply side presents its set of challenges. The complex extraction process, coupled with geopolitical tensions in major producing regions can lead to supply disruptions. Given the already limited production, such disruptions can result in significant price volatility.

The German raw materials agency, DERA, anticipates that by 2040, the demand for iridium could escalate to a staggering 34 tons. However, given the intricate extraction process, a substantial increase in production seems unlikely. This scenario sets the stage for iridium to become even rarer and pricier.

This backdrop, combined with the increasing demand across industries, suggests a bullish outlook for medium- and long-term iridium prices.

How to Buy Iridium

For those interested in investing in iridium, there are a few options. Physical iridium can be purchased from several sources, though it’s crucial to ensure the authenticity and purity of the metal. As a distinguished global metals dealer, our certified platinum meets the highest industry standards (min. min. 99.9% Major Brand), ensuring every ounce is genuine. We’re a pivotal intermediary trusted by all industry buyers.

Besides physical iridium, investors can also consider futures contracts, allowing them to buy or sell the metal at a predetermined price in the future.

How to Sell Iridium

Before selling, getting the metal assayed is advisable to determine its purity. This instills confidence in potential buyers and ensures a fair transaction.

If you purchased and held your iridium with us, liquidating your iridium assets is seamless and efficient, as we take care of everything.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to transparency. We go above and beyond to provide buyers with comprehensive documentation, including a complete chain of custody, purity reports, and evidence of proper storage facilities. This documentation is not just a box to check; it’s crucial for industry buyers and essential for a seamless selling process. Plus, with our strong industry connections, you can trust you’re getting the best price for your iridium.

In the strategic precious metals domain, trust is paramount. By collaborating with us, you’re ensuring that your investments are not only safeguarded but also primed to yield optimal returns when you decide to sell.

All prices on this page last updated Jul 08 2024.