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Below are several influential and popular podcasts, webinars, and vlogs that have featured Strategic Metals Invest.

Feb 6th 2024 - Rare earths: the minerals that could save the world?

In this highly topical podcast by the BBC World Service, host Katya speaks with BBC climate reporter Esme Stallard and veteran broadcaster Misha Glenny about what has become a new geopolitical battleground. They look at the science and diplomacy behind these essential raw materials.

Click Here to Listen to this educational episode

Dec 20 2023 - The Art Of Passive Income Podcast

This Podcast is brought to you by successful entrepreneur Mark Podolsky, author of Dirt Rich, the ultimate guide to helping you build a passive income.

In this topical episode, host Mark talks to our CEO Louis about why and how to invest in Strategic Metals. They also discussed strategic metals’ current supply and demand dynamics and how China plans to restrict them as they control the raw materials.

Click Here to Listen to this engaging episode or read the transcript


Nov 30 2023 - Voice of America (News Interview)

Our CEO Louis was recently exclusively interviewed by journalist Govi Snell for an article now featured in the Voice of America. Here is the link to this interesting and educational article: “Vietnams Rare Earth Sector on the Rise”

Nov 7 2023 - The Capital Club Podcast

On the Capital Club Podcast, you can hear from top industry leaders as host Brian Adams discusses relevant topics in the world of business, investing, geopolitics, and more.

In this engaging and topical episode, Brian is joined again by our CEO Louis to discuss how China has cornered the market for many rare earths and is now using that dominance for geopolitical leverage.

Oct 2 2023 - The Cashflow Ninja Podcast

The Cashflow Ninja Podcast is one of the most popular finance-themed podcasts. Their primary focus is to empower their listeners to build and protect wealth during turbulent times.

In this episode, engaging host M.C. Laubscher talks to our CEO Louis about ‘How The China & US Cold War Impacts Strategic Metals’. Click here to listen to this very topical and informative episode.


August 22, 2023 - Migrate 2 Wealth Podcast

The Migrate 2 Wealth Podcast covers different investment strategies to create generational wealth through passive investing.

In this educative episode, join host Saket Jain and learn the comprehensive guide to rare earth metal investing as he talks to our resident expert Louis O’Connor. Discover this industry’s attributes, possible future, and massive wealth-building potential.

Listen to this episode on YouTube below, or click here to listen on any of the other popular Podcast platforms.

August 17, 2023 - Wealth Strategy Secrets of the Ultra Wealthy Podcast

Brought to you by Pantheon Investments, this popular Podcast aims to provide busy professionals with an alternative strategy to build their wealth.

Join host Dave Wolcott and his guest Louis (our CEO), as they dive deep into the world of investing in Strategic Metals, offering a fresh perspective and drawing captivating parallels to the traditional Precious Metals market.

You can listen to this Podcast now on to AppleSpotify, and Amazon.

August 16, 2023 - the Alternative Investing Advantage podcast

Join host Alex Perny of Advanta IRA in this engaging episode of the AIA podcast. He sits down with our CEO Louis O’Connor to explore the intriguing world of strategic metal investments. Discover the compelling reasons behind investing in strategic metals and gain valuable insights on how to go about it. Tune in now for an informative conversation that could transform your investment strategies.


You can tune in to the episode on the following platforms:

August 8, 2023 - Break Your Golden Handcuffs Podcast

The “Break Your Golden Handcuffs” podcast is hosted by David McIlwaine, a seasoned entrepreneur and successful executive. His investment experience is vast–spanning over 25 years.

In this engaging 40-minute episode, he talks to our CEO Louis about owning rare earth metals as strategic assets. You can listen to the episode on the following platforms:

June 8 2023 - Advanta IRA Webinar

Advanta IRA is a leader in US self-directed retirement account administration with over $2.5 billion in client assets under management. They host regular webinars to educate their clients on various retirement plan options, such as real estate, private lending, and alternative investments.

We were delighted to be invited to one of them. During this webinar, Scott Maurer of Advanta IRA discussed with Louis what strategic metals are, how to invest in them, and why you might want to consider them for your portfolio. You can watch this educational webinar on YouTube or view it below:

May 22 2023 - Limit Free Life Podcast

The Limit Free Life Podcast is brought to you by Michelle Perkins, an MBA with certified coach training in career, business, and money mindset coaching. She aims to help men and women create financial prosperity and freedom while doing work they love. 

In this educational episode, Michelle talks with our founder Louis about how one can invest in strategic metals, how they are used, and the stories of the supply and demand that make this a very interesting asset class. Click here to listen.

April 14 2023 - BetterWealth Podcast

BetterWealth‘s mission is to provide financial certainty so that you can live a better life today and in the future.

In this episode of their very popular PodCast, engaging host Caleb talks to our CEO Louis about investing in rare earth metals, and how, as an alternative investment, it is generating massive returns, greater than gold and silver.

You can listen to the informative 30 min Podcast here, or view it on YouTube below:

April 10 2023 - The Early Bird Podcast

The aim of the Early Bird Podcast is to provide retail investors with key information in a simple way about both the public markets and private investment opportunities.

In this episode, host Steven Lerner talks to our CEO Louis about how to invest in rare earth metals, including a look at how the asset class is performing against other investments and why it is becoming more popular. Click here to listen.

February 5 2023 - Ladies Kicking Assets Podcast

The Ladies Kicking Assets Podcast aims to empower you to take control of your financial future by educating you about different asset classes and how you can create passive income.

In this episode, hosts Robin Binkley and Courtney Moeller talk with Louis about rare earth metals and how we need them for technology … phones, jets, solar tech, you name it.

You can view this educational Vodcast below or access it at Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Dec 27 2022 - The Art of Passive Income Podcast

The Art of Passive Income Podcast is brought to you by Mark Podolsky (AKA The Land Geek) and his coaching team of successful land investors. His Podcast brings you helpful tips and strategies that will help you grow your passive income through land investing and other passive models.

On this episode Mark welcomes our CEO Louis to talk about the opportunities and risks to private investors of investing in rare Earth metals as tangible assets. Click here to listen to this educative and engaging episode.


Dec 7 2022 - The Richer Geek Podcast

What other alternative options exist to help you grow your money faster? The Richer Geek podcast tries to answer that. They chat with guests who share their experiences with alternative investments.

In this episode, they chat with CEO Louis about ‘Offering Private Investors the Ability to Own and Profit from Holding Rare Earths’. Click here to listen to this interesting and informative episode.

Nov 14 2022 - The Capital Club Podcast

The Capital Club Podcast lets you discover best practices for investing in alternatives.

In this episode, host Brian Adams talks to Louis about ‘Making Money Strategically in the Rare Earth Market’. Click here to listen to this engaging and educative episode.

November 9 2022 - Average Joe Finances Podcast

The Average Joe Finances Podcast discusses how to create passive income from real estate, investing, side hustles, and more. Their mission is to help you realise your growth potential no matter your income level.

In this episode, popular host Mike Cavaggioni talks with Louis about how private investors can own industrial-grade Rare Earth Metals as physical assets. You’ll learn the benefits, growth potential, and much more.

Oct 17 2022 - The Cashflow Ninja Podcast

The Cashflow Ninja Podcast has been downloaded over 4.5 million times in over 180 countries and is regularly one of the top 100 podcasts on Apple Podcasts. The goal is to help people achieve financial freedom today.

In this episode, popular host M.C. Laubscher talks to our founder Louis about ‘How To Profit From Scarcity & Growth With Strategic Metals’. Click here to listen to this very informative and engaging episode.

October 6 2022 - Wealth Matters Podcast

The Wealth Matters Podcast teaches active and passive investors how to build long-term generational wealth.

In this educational episode host Alpesh Parmar talked about “How to profit from owning Rare Earth Metals” with our founder Louis. If you want to learn more, be sure to check it out!

October4 2022 - Bronson Hill's Mailbox Money Podcast

Bronson Hill’s Podcast is dedicated to helping you make better investment decisions and learn more about passive investing.

In this informative episode, Bronson is joined by our founder Louis to discuss the bullish case for rare earth metals, and how private investors can benefit from this opportunity.

September 9 2022 - The Path to Wellth Podcast

The Path to Wellth is a podcast where wellbeing meets wealth.

Host Hannes Hennche believes that financial success is about making and growing money, investing in yourself, and living on your terms.

In each episode of The Path to Wellth, Hannes interviews experts to uncover the secrets of their success and what they’ve learned along the way. In this engaging episode, you can listen to the story of our CEO, Louis.

August 1st 2022 - Contrarian Investor Podcast

The Contrarian Investor Podcast gives voice to those who challenge a prevailing narrative in global financial markets.

In this episode “The Bullish Case for Rare Earths”, our CEO, Louis O’Connor, joins the podcast to make the case for rare earth metals.

Listen to this engaging and informative episode here:

July 19 2022 - Purpose-driven Wealth Podcast

In this episode of the Purpose-Driven Wealth, host Mo Bina talks with our founder Louis about the promise of diversifying your portfolios with strategic metals. The discussion simplifies what strategic metals are and cautions on what buyers should keep in mind when investing in these high-demand assets.

Listen to this educational episode here:

July 12 2022 - The Gentleman Style Podcast

Marcus Norman, CEO, and Host of the GENTLEMAN STYLE PODCAST, joins other leading CEOs, founders, and thought leaders for uplifting interviews on entrepreneurship, passive income opportunities, and trending topics. In this episode on “Rare Earth Metals as a Profitable Alternative Asset Class” he is joined by our CEO and founder, Louis. View below or here on YouTube.

June 28 2022 - Patrick Daly Interlinks Podcast

Interlinks, hosted by Patrick Daly, is a programme about supply chain, globalisation and technology … and how they shape our modern world.

In this episode, he talks to our founder Louis O’Connor about the fascinating world of strategic metals. Listen to this informative and absorbing episode here:

June 20 2022 - The Money Hour Podcast

On The Money Hour Podcast Tina Mitchell shares expert advice and inside knowledge on how today’s events in our local economy can affect your money.  She aims to provide all the tools you need to make informed decisions on matters that affect your money. This episode with our CEO Louis covers metals that outperform gold each year.  Enjoy the informative and engaging episode here:

June 15 2022 - The Passive Income Attorney Podcast

The Passive Income Attorney uncovers the secrets and strategies of the ultra-wealthy. On this episode host Seth Bradley is joined
by our CEO Louis as they take a deep dive into creating geographic diversification through investing in rare earths and strategic metals. The episode provides a crash course on investing in rare earth metals and the concept of geographic diversification. Enjoy the educational episode here:

May 30 2022 - BetterWealth Podcast

BetterWealth is a one-stop-shop for every financial decision with the aim to guide you on a better path to financial freedom. Listen to this engaging Podcast on “investing in rare earth metals” hosted by their founder and CEO Caleb Guilliams.

May 4 2022 - The St.Joseph's Capital Podcast

Hosted by Adrian Chuquillangui, The St. Joseph’s Capital Podcast covers a diverse range of investing, real estate, and business-related topics. This episode with our CEO Louis covers investing in rare earth metals, as well as some of his background and Irish routs.

Apr 29 2022 - The Cashflow Ninja Podcast

This is the second Cashflow Ninja Podcast focussing on Investing in Strategic Metals (click here to listen). In this podcast, host M.C. Laubscher was joined by our CEO Louis O’Connor as well as Matthias Rüth (CEO) and Maximilian Vogler from TRADIUM Gmbh.

Feb 7 2022 - The Cashflow Ninja Podcast

Hosted by M.C. Laubscher, the Cashflow Ninja Podcast has been downloaded over 4.5 million times in over 180 countries and is often one of the top 100 podcasts on Apple Podcasts. They aim to change the way people learn & think about investing and help people achieve self-reliance, independence, and freedom.

In this episode (click here to listen), with our CEO Louis O’Connor as a guest, they discuss the benefits of buying and holding rare earth elements as part of a diversified portfolio.

Feb 4 2022 - TGIF with Courtney

On this episode of TGIF with Courtney, host Courtney Stone connects with our CEO Lou O’Connor to discuss what his extensive travels have taught him and how to pursue your dreams.

Dec 21 2021 - Dream Chasers: Interviews with the Future

This episode of the Dream Chasers Podcast, hosted by Adam J. Carsell, was released December 21st 2021. Our founder of Louis O’Connor discusses how he started a company in the booming rare earth metals industry. He also talks about:

  • The benefits of owning rare earth metals
  • The growth of the rare earth metals industry over the last few years
  • How to purchase the tax-free earth metals through Strategic Metals Invest
  • The advantages of partnering with Tradium

Nov 18 2021 - The Liberland Show

On the Liberland Show, host Adam J. Carswell interviews dynamic individuals and associates of Liberland. In this episode, published on November 18th 2021, he interviewed our CEO Louis O’Connor.