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Below are several influential and popular podcasts, webinars, and vlogs that have featured Strategic Metals Invest.

Apr 29 2022 - The Cashflow Ninja Podcast

This is the second Cashflow Ninja Podcast focussing on Investing in Strategic Metals (click here to listen). In this podcast, host M.C. Laubscher was joined by our CEO Louis O’Connor as well as Matthias Rüth (CEO) and Maximilian Vogler from TRADIUM Gmbh.

Feb 7 2022 - The Cashflow Ninja Podcast

Hosted by M.C. Laubscher, the Cashflow Ninja Podcast has been downloaded over 4.5 million times in over 180 countries and is often one of the top 100 podcasts on Apple Podcasts. They aim to change the way people learn & think about investing and help people achieve self-reliance, independence, and freedom.

In this episode (click here to listen), with our CEO Louis O’Connor as a guest, they discuss the benefits of buying and holding rare earth elements as part of a diversified portfolio.

Feb 4 2022 - TGIF with Courtney

On this episode of TGIF with Courtney, host Courtney Stone connects with our CEO Lou O’Connor to discuss what his extensive travels have taught him and how to pursue your dreams.

Dec 21 2021 - Dream Chasers: Interviews with the Future

This episode of the Dream Chasers Podcast, hosted by Adam J. Carsell, was released December 21st 2021. Our founder of Louis O’Connor discusses how he started a company in the booming rare earth metals industry. He also talks about:

  • The benefits of owning rare earth metals
  • The growth of the rare earth metals industry over the last few years
  • How to purchase the tax-free earth metals through Strategic Metals Invest
  • The advantages of partnering with Tradium

Nov 18 2021 - The Liberland Show

On the Liberland Show, host Adam J. Carswell interviews dynamic individuals and associates of Liberland. In this episode, published on November 18th 2021, he interviewed our CEO Louis O’Connor.